Getting through the morning

Each morning we seem to hold our breath. We never know how it's going to go. And the thing that is really tough is that it can change very quickly. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's mornings with Jeffrey. Our morning starts out with him now getting woken up with his watch. We gingerly walk into the bathroom to greet him as he prepares for his shower. Will he hug us and smile? Will he grumpily grunt and give us the cold shoulder? But it's the next part that keeps us guessing - when he comes to breakfast. Most days he will come down and greet us both with a huge smile and hug, sits down for breakfast, and completes his morning routine. Today was NOT one of those days. He was pleasant enough before the shower, but after he was in rare form. Didn't want to talk, didn't want to eat, didn't want anything from us. And that's why we have been so blessed by these oils. Before the oils, there were days when he would continue this behavior, arguing and fighting his way through EVERY step of the morning - brushing teeth, getting shoes on, putting jacket and backpack on, walking to the bus. It got so bad one time that our neighbor asked from her front door if we needed any help because he was screaming at me so loudly. 

But the more we have learned about the benefits of essential oils, the easier it has become for us to 'break' him out of his funk. Now he has been taking Life Long Vitality and getting frankincense and helichrysum for his migraines, but Kami learned something at convention that she whipped up. She added some black pepper and a new oil, Copaiba, to his frankincense and helichrysum, rolled it on the back of his neck, and the effect was unbelievable! Before he was finished with his waffles, he was smiling, laughing, talking like the Jeffrey we all love to be around. He hugged both Kami and me, and strutted himself to his bus without any issues. 

We know that there will be more mornings like this in the future, but we also know that we are now armed with the tools to help our man-child deal with these emotions when they pop up. And that will help all of us breath easier. 

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