About Kami & Dan

The odds were against us, she said very matter of factly. The divorce rate for couples with special needs children was 85%. We were 29 years old, married only 5 years, and the social worker from early intervention made this statement as if the end of our marriage, our family, was inevitable. Jeffrey was three months old, just diagnosed with hearing loss and global developmental delays. Kami felt overwhelmed. Dan felt hopeless.

As the nurse, kami knew how much work and how much time this would add to our lives. The schedules, the appointments, the laundry list of to-dos just got longer. As a teacher, Dan understood the challenges Jeffrey would have in school. How would he learn? Where would he go to school? What would his education look like? Would he get the services he needed

We never truly revealed to our family and friends just how emotionally spent we were. It felt like we were living in secret. And we struggled to find information or a supportive community to guide us.

We were lost. Where do we turn? Who could we depend on for the truth, not just information from a pamphlet. (Which we received A LOT of). We already had a three year old, vivacious, energetic, smart. It was as if she had read the book and knew exactly what a typical child was supposed to act like. Now with Jeffrey, we had no clue how we were going to parent him, there was no instruction manual

One thing we did that day after the social worker left, was to promise each other no matter how difficult things got, we would stick together, fight for our children, fight for our relationship. It was essential that we did that to save our family. We can truly say we’ve been there, done that. Our daughter is a senior getting ready to graduate and head off to college. We have a third child in sixth grade, energetic and enthusiastic about everything. And our Jeffrey has blossomed into our man child, gifted musically, excelling socially, and incredibly special in all the best ways.

We know this transformation for our family happened in large part because of our strong faith, dedication to each other and our family, and the precious gift of essential oils.
We were introduced to essential oils at exactly the time we needed them most. Jeffrey was very sick, in and out of the hospital, Kami was unable to work much in order to care for him. Our daughter was suffering from horrible seasonal allergies and we were incredibly exhausted, tapped emotionally, and strained financially. This was the perfect storm that the social worker alluded to at that very first meeting, our situation was testing the strength of our marriage.

The oils have provided solutions to every difficult aspect of our life, they have incredibly strong health benefits, they support us emotionally, and have provided a stream of income that has alleviated the financial burdens of caring for our family. We know they can do the same for you, and we are creating that community we so desperately desired, will you join us?